Can you remember the first time you did something that was scary to you? Was it jumping out of an airplane, or perhaps to ride a horse, or a first day at a new job or a higher position? The amazing part of these moments is that as soon as we push past our fears and give it a try, succeed or fail, we learn something about our abilities and ourselves. We grow proportionately with the risks and trials we encounter. Like exercising a muscle, as we practice and increase our repetitions the muscle grows in strength and facility.

That is what I call “living in delicious fear”. It is that place when you are out of your comfort zone and teetering on the verge of stepping backwards, but you just gently lean forward and move ahead. This is the discovery and learning zone: “ I survived, I will do this part differently next time, or “I did OK, if I practice, I will become great at this!”

You have probably had lots of practice in stepping out of your comfort zone. It is what makes many of us successful business owners or managers or CEOs.

Have you stepped out lately?

My challenge to you is to step out into delicious fear this week, go create a new product for your business, invite your most dissatisfied customer to lunch, speak to someone about a raise or a promotion.

Dare to live up to the greatness of your dreams! 

Coach Regina 

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