"Executives have powerful impact on their organizations and the higher the move up the corporate ladder the more often they have to resolve behavioral problems throughout the corporation. Today’s successful leader has to master a culmination of skills including visionary strategy, planning, communication, performance, creativity, relationships as well as interpersonal and social competences. Today’s leader needs to be at his/her personal best at all times and represent self as a well rounded, balanced and accomplished personality.

The following 4 cornerstones in modern leadership describe 4 personality traits every leader needs to be able to demonstrate with ease and grace when the appropriate situation is calling for." 
-- Regina Erhart Fasold

Characteristics of the Leader Type

Leader Types are goal/accomplishment oriented and success driven. They like to get things done in the most efficient and timely manner possible. To this end, they like to take control and be in charge of everything and anything. They have a burning desire to succeed in everything they undertake, and they work hard to be winners. In relations to others, Leader Types are particularly good at "HARD PEOPLE SKILLS". Their weakness is often found in the use of "SOFT PEOPLE SKILLS". They often have difficulty delegating authority, compromising, and listening to others. Leader Types are attracted to the kind of jobs where they have the final saying, and where they can lead and manage others. (CEO, Executives, Business Owners) Leader types have fairly good strategic visionary and task skills. They can oversee a situation quickly and like to create a clear outlined plan for others to follow through. In order to be a well rounded leader they have to learn empathy and patience with others and open up towards leadership styles other than self.

Characteristics of the People Type

People Types are people-oriented and are best at relating to and communicating with others. People Types are driven by their need for closeness and harmony with others, self-growth and self-understanding, and creative expression. People Types are excellent at "SOFT PEOPLE SKILLS". Their greatest difficulty can be their weakness in "HARD PEOPLE SKILLS". People Types like jobs where they can be of service to others. (Counselors, Therapists, Trainers) They are great team-players, communicators, mentors and supporters and are most important in a corporate setting to keep the team together and moving forward on a common goal. When people types learn to integrate tough leader skills they usually become outstanding, well rounded and charismatic leaders who will always have a crowd of followers and supporters standing with them wherever they go.

Characteristics of the Task Type

Task Types are hard-working folks who like to keep busy. They are punctual, meticulous, and dedicated to getting work done on time. They like a structured life-style, are dependable and reliable, and enjoy jobs that have a good deal of routine and detailed work. Task types make sure that a project gets completed – they thrive on getting things done. Task Types, however, can have difficulty coping with change - they can become inflexible and can resist new ways of doing things. Task Types like jobs that involve clear cut procedures and rules. When on a team they are best at creating a detailed structure for the project and team to follow through (CPA, Tax Attorneys). They may appear unfriendly or uncommunicative at times due to the fact that their main focus is on the task at hand. They do not need as much interaction as the other types, and they like to work alone. In order to be a well rounded leader Task types need to learn to go without a plan and welcome change into their style as opportunity for betterment and growth.

Characteristics of the Free Spirit Type

Free Spirit Types like freedom. They are social, lively and caring, independent, autonomous and highly creative. Their desire for freedom is expressed by their need for excitement, challenge, change, adventure and a thirst for life and the desire to do things their own way. Free Spirit Types are brilliant at handling a crisis and dealing with change. They are the great visionaries, inventors and trouble shooters of the world - always seeing possibilities rather than problems. They oversee a situation almost instantly and intuitively know how to succeed without having a detailed plan set out. They have a high trust in their intuition and ability and they most often succeed in what they do. They move the world forward and they can be restless due to their high need for newness and being at the pulse of creation. They are best to come in at the beginning/launch of a project/task/company to set the strategy for success or at a challenging situation to oversee development and progress as they can quickly and easily point out what needs to change. Their weakness may be sticking with a task once it becomes boring or routine. They have little patience for schedule and routine (opposite of task types). Free Spirit Types enjoy jobs where they can be their own boss or be in control of how and when things get done. (Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Actors) Free Spirit leaders can be most challenging to all other types as they may change course at any given moment in time if this is what is called for. In order to be a balanced leader Free Spirits need to learn to discipline themselves, be less rebellious and more understanding of the other types needs. 

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