Think with me for a moment. When we look at situations in our lives where we encountered our most significant growth we often find that growth happened when we were outside of our comfort zone. Often these were times when we were not in control of the outcome.

It could have been as painful as a divorce and having to re-invent ourselves over, or the loss of a job, or endless studies to obtain a higher degree, or those first years in business struggling to make it. Consider the discomfort and the investment you had to make and the risks you had to take.
Looking back at a difficult time we have come through, we can see we developed skills we did not believe were possible. When it is all over and done, we have grown, learned lessons about ourselves and the world and how we may more “comfortably” move through a difficult place the next time. And even more interesting, we have enlarged our field of comfort.
Not that we would choose to put ourselves in as painful a place as divorce or job loss, but we now can recognize skills, and attitudes we had to develop, that we can use in lesser situations.
Each time we step outside our comfort zone we are faced with growth and learning, we enlarge our world. Another return on our investment of stepping out of our comfort zone is the perspective we can gain. What was once the most feared loss, can sometimes become a gift.
My challenge to you is to find YOUR Growth ZONE, somewhere between comfort and pain. Take some steps outside your comfort zone and embrace the growth and strength it fosters. Take responsibility for a project at work or at home that will stretch your abilities.
To your ongoing growth!
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